Project Control Management

Western Rail Plan / South Dynon Train Maintenance Facility

A significant program of projects over the next 10-20 years, to boost capacity and performance for the western area rail network of Victoria. Projects in this program include the Wyndham Vale and Melton capacity uplift project (9-car VLocity running), Airport Rail Link scope, Geelong Fast Rail project, New Commuter Train project, Stabling and Train Maintenance Facility (TMF) upgrade projects, one of which is South Dynon TMF, the largest on the regional network.

Scope of this TMF includes upgrade to existing 11 road heavy train maintenance facility, stabling extension for VLocity trains, new dual gauge train wash, dual gauge wheel lathe, new 3-car dual gauge bio-wash, fuel point upgrade, building management systems, ventilation, personal protective systems and high voltage substation replacement.

Our Role in the Project

Our role in this significant program of works includes being the main rep for V/Line, as our key T&S member leads the entire development portfolio for all these projects as V/Line Development Director. He also represents V/Line under the Projects Agreement with DOT, RPV and LXRP, and the role includes complex stakeholder management with RPV, DOT, VicTrack, LXRP, Freight Victoria, Metro Trains and other operators.

  • The V/Line Development Director South Dynon TMF — was responsible for managing the development of the DTF business cases under the High Value / High Risk framework on V/Line’s behalf; including identification of problem statement, investment logic, strategic need, capacity constraints, operational requirements, and development of the business case submission. A large portion of this was to develop the scope, budget, financial modelling and analysis, Capex cost estimating, Operating and Maintenance cost estimating, capital versus operating cost analysis for VFM assessment, risk analysis and contingency development to yield a P-50 and P-90 estimate, schedule, cashflow, procurement strategy and contracting models. Role also covered Benefits Management and link into the State’s Client Requirements Document (CRD), Network Integrity Assurance Plan (NIAP), as well as integration with the broader network initiatives such as the Western Rail Plan, future operating service plans and asset class strategies.
  • The V/Line TOC bid lead South Dynon TMF — Our T&S member was the TOC lead for V/Line in the Procurement phase for certain packages such as the South Dynon TMF project, including developing / reviewing Project Scope and Technical Requirements (PS&TR), commercial negotiations with LXRP and development of Project Alliance Agreement (PAA) and contract schedules, estimating of V/Line scope split deliverables which includes both CAPEX as well as OPEX and whole-of-life estimating, program and schedule review, construction staging analysis and value engineering with aim to minimise cost and operational impacts, rail disruptions planning, Asset and O&M development of risk allowance, responsible for Systems Engineering / Systems Assurance / Systems Integration on behalf of the relevant asset owner / maintainer, as well as V/Line lead in interactive phase with tendering parties.
  • The V/Line Development Director Broader Western Rail Plan — role involved responsibility for leading all ARTO related activities. This includes internal project performance and reporting, as well as external monthly reporting, which covered monitoring progress, forecast cost to complete assessments, cashflow, cost risk analysis, schedule risk analysis, contingency draw down, performance and progress reporting, contract management, claim management and variations management. Under the State’s Projects Agreement, all V/Line costs are managed under “open book” administration with the State.

Project Challenges & Achievements

The project had significant complexities, with South Dynon TMF being developed in a heavy brownfields rail environment, with existing contamination overlay as well as being a site that has a multitude of stakeholders such as VicTrack, V/Line, Freight Victoria, individual Freight operators and the West Gate tunnel Project all vying for the same constrained footprint. 

There was also a delicate balance needed to optimise the need for the TMF capacity coming online (recognising the long lead time of funding / development / delivery / benefits realisation), versus breaking the project into staged investments (as was significant). This yields a complex analysis of project delivery versus operational need to operationalise other infrastructure projects and their service plan uplifts such as Regional Rail Revival, as well as rollingstock maintenance model with an increasing fleet size from incremental procurement. This had to be financially modelled, including Capex cost estimating, Operating and Maintenance cost estimating, capital versus operating cost analysis for VFM assessment, cash flow forecast, cost risk analysis (risk modelling and contingency) for the business case, as well as engaging with independent estimator. Our T&S member was integral in the planning, analysis and implementation to optimise this.

In 2020, a smaller team successfully delivered and commissioned the first stage of the project, which set the blueprint for solution of the second and larger stage, which was successfully funded in the 2021 State budget and now going through delivery with LXRP.

Our Approach to Teamwork, Cooperation, and Innovation

As our T&S member has been involved in the South Dynon TMF work for 4 years over multiple iterations of business case submissions, he was able to draw on this experience and openly share lessons learned in an inclusive manner with newer reps from DOT, LXRP etc. Enabling the intent of jointly working towards the same goal and assign work to those best placed to do so. Our T&S member always helped any project member regardless of from which department.

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