Robinsons and Fitzgerald Level Crossing Removal

Metropolitan Roads Program Alliance (MRPA)

The Robinsons and FItzgerald Level Crossing Removal project is delivered by Metropolitan Roads Program Alliance (MRPA) under LXRP.

Removing the level crossing will enable trains to run more often hence reduce travel times, improve safety and traffic flow, and create better local connections for pedestrians and cyclists travelling through the area. 

At Robinsons Road; Road Under Rail Solution:

  • Road Under construction requires minimal rail occupations compared to rail solution.
  • Road Under solution future-proofs for the Western Rail Plan track quadruplication (i.e. 2 more tracks than today) from a spatial perspective.
  • Road Under solution future-proofs for the Palmers Rd widening (i.e. 2 more lanes than today) from a spatial perspective.

At Fitzgerald Road, a Road Over Rail Solution:

  • Road Over construction duration is shorter, allowing the project to be delivered within the timeframe committed to by the Victorian Government.
  • Road Over is keeping with the surrounding infrastructure in that it runs alongside the existing M80 Freeway and maintains the current clearance envelopes on the Tilburn Road overpass.
  • Road Over solution future-proofs for the Western Rail Plan track quadruplication (i.e. 2 more tracks than today) from a spatial perspective.

Our Role in the Project

Our key T&S Team members led the project for V/Line to achieve best for project and network outcomes while ensuring V/Line’s accreditation and technical standards are met.

Our role on this project includes being the main leads for V/Line, as our key T&S member lead the planning / procurement phase as V/Line Program Director Development, and our other key T&S member is portfolio Delivery lead for the central metro region as V/Line Program Director Delivery.

Their responsibilities include managing all project aspects and interface obligations between V/Line and LXRP / MTM / DOT through the entire project lifecycle. This includes management of requirements, assurance, risk, accreditation, occupations and disruptions in compliance with V/Line Works Readiness, testing & commissioning, interface & integration, staff, governance & reporting, and project controls (scope, budget, schedule)

Work also included procurement, development of Projects Agreement schedules, commercial negotiations, design / engineering development / review, and proactively managing key stakeholders in consultation sessions (both V/Line internal and external agencies).

Areas of expertise cover project management, risk management, commercial management, management of specialist consultants and designers, V/Line frameworks and processes as well as rail specific knowledge in track, civil and drainage, signalling, standards, etc.

Value engineering on the design solution and further refinement to improve cost position for the project, which includes optimising staging and construction methodology, refinements in occupation planning and drive to synergise disruption planning and spread occupation costs across multiple projects sharing the same occupation.

A key value engineering item of note was that our T&S members drove through an innovative disruption strategy that enabled a TOC saving of ~$3m, as well as reduced operational impact for the rail operator.

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