Barwon Heads
Road Duplication

Major Roads Projects Victoria (MRPV) Project Value $89M

The Barwon Heads Road Duplication project will improve safety, connectivity and alleviate congestion along Barwon Heads Road (C121) between Settlement Road (A10 Corio-Waurn Ponds Road) in the north and Precinct Drive in the south.

The project extends a distance of approximately 4.60 km and comprises additional traffic lanes, upgraded intersections, a shared use path, and grade separation at the Geelong-Warrnambool railway line.

The key features of this project are as follows:

  • Duplication and widening of Barwon Heads Road to provide a four-lane divided arterial road with two lanes in each direction.
  • Duplication and widening of Barwon Heads Road to provide three northbound lanes between Settlement Road and Crows Road, and three southbound lanes between Curtis Street and Park Street.
  • Upgrades to existing signalised and unsignalised intersections along the route.
  • Remove of the current at grade signalised rail level crossing.
  • Construction of a new road over rail structure at the Geelong-Warrnambool railway line crossing with Barwon Heads Road.
  • Two new bridges over Waurn Ponds Creek.
  • 3.0 m wide Shared Use Path (SUP) along the entire project length from Settlement Road to Reserve Road.

The project comprises three work packages:

  • Work Package 1 from Settlement Road to Barwarre Road.
  • Work Package 2 from Barwarre Road to Marshalltown Road (includes the removal of the at grade rail crossing and bridge construction works).
  • Work Package 3 from Marshalltown Road to Precinct Drive.

The Barwon Heads Road Duplication project has four main objectives:

  • To improve road safety.
  • To improve transport network efficiency.
  • To improve access to economic opportunities.
  • To improve amenity and liveability.

Our Role in the Project

Our T&S Team member led the project for V/Line as Program Director, to achieve best for project and network outcomes while ensuring V/Line’s accreditation and technical standards are met. Their responsibilities include managing all project aspects and interface obligations between V/Line and MRPV / RPV / DOT through the entire project lifecycle.

This includes management of requirements, assurance, risk, accreditation, occupations and disruptions in compliance with V/Line Works Readiness, testing & commissioning, interface & integration, staff, governance & reporting, and project controls (scope, budget, schedule).

Key T&S members was driving lead in developing, negotiating and approving a commercial agreement between MRPV and V/Line, which provided a clear and streamlined approach to delivering the project.

Our T&S members also led scope split discussions and optimisation to ensure that scope is allocated to the entity best placed to deliver it (reducing risk and cost) between RPV Regional Rail Revival, MRPV and V/line.

This includes scope items such as hi-rail pads, access tracks, etc in the rail / road boundary interface Value engineering on the design solution and further refinement to improve cost position for the project, which includes optimising staging and construction methodology, refinements in occupation planning and drive to synergise disruption planning and spread occupation costs across multiple projects sharing the same occupation.

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