Diversity, Inclusive Employment, and Social Procurement

We are committed to continuous improvement, innovation, supporting the Victorian Government Social Procurement Objectives and continually improve best practice as we believe it is a critical element to the efficient and effective delivery of our services and keeps us at the forefront of the project advisory profession.

One of our Executive Directors, Rene Nogueira, is a steering committee member with Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA) for their Engineering Pathways Industry Cadetship (EPIC) Program that assists professional refugee engineers with employment.

Currently we have been successful with the LXRP alliances, partners and government agencies including the development of a framework, partnerships, and have placed over 30 refugee engineers in the 2020/2021 financial year.

We are also working with notfor-profit organisations such as JobsBank to drive improvements in social procurement, inclusive employment and empowering individuals with a diverse background to grow – from both a personal and career perspective.

Our Social & Corporate Responsibility

With the help of our connections, we are able to provide opportunity for meaningful and longer-term employment in roles requiring skilled people to support the delivery of the Victorian Big Build.

This would improve the lives and livelihoods for people from diverse backgrounds, multicultural or indigenous backgrounds, people working / having worked in ailing industries, people who have qualifications but without recent relevant working experience, or for people with relevant skills from overseas, but their potential not immediately recognised by delivery projects and employers, etc.

We have a strong corporate and social responsibility commercial strategy built into our commercial offering with all of our clients.

We have teamed with a number of charities to increase the level of projects that we fund and sponsor. This is all possible and built into the rates that we offer, as we are not focused on charging our clients more for charitable ventures but sponsoring these social and humanitarian efforts from our underlying company profits.

We have teamed up with B1G1, a worldwide charity that focuses on assisting worldwide humanitarian projects.

They have over 2,300 business, from 43 countries, to assist and provide impacts that have benefited over 177 million people. We are proud to be a part of the worldwide initiative and by engaging our services you will be assisting needed projects around the world, including Australian projects.

Dedicated to Fostering Workplace Equality

We are dedicated to ensuring the diversity and women in engineering/transport sectors is accelerated within our company, and therefore we are committed to assisting DEDJTR’s “Women in Transport Program” initiative.

We are focused to developing a balanced gender ratio within our company and within our strategic partners. Furthermore, we are, as of 2023, sitting at 30% female ratio within Transport & Strategy and have focused 5 % of our profit per year on bridging any gaps in gender.

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